Final Round of Voting Open for Tin Whiskers Versus Lynlake Brewery Brew-Off

Dozens of ingredients were suggested, and only six remain.

Tin Whiskers and Lynlake Brewery are facing each other in the second Brew-Off event, and the final round of voting is now open.

Honey, rice, cardamom, tamarind, lemongrass, and caramel remain. Each brewery will create a beer with the winning three ingredients. Those who try it can vote on which one is their favorite, resulting in one brewery receiving Brew-Off bragging rights.

We chose these three ingredients!
We chose these three ingredients!

You can find out more about the Brew-Off in one of our previous stories.

Our take: We voted on Door County cherries, mint, and chocolate in the first round of voting. While we’re sad none of those three ingredients made it into the final round, we’re excited for the possibilities these other six ingredients provide. As fans of Surly’s Witch’s Tower, we’re all for more beer with cardamom. 


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