Second Barrels and Bacon Fest Announced for Prescott, Wis.

Ptacek’s IGA officially announced its second Barrels and Bacon beer fest, taking place on October 17.

The locally-owned store is known for its big-time events–including world-record brats–and this is just one way the hometown grocer celebrates community and Wisconsin.

American Velvet and Candied Bacon

Around 150 craft beers will be on tap, as well as all the bacon you can eat. A rib competition will be held again (last year featured about 25 entries).

You can learn more about the beer fest and buy tickets here.  

Our take: The first Barrels and Bacon fest was fantastic. Pairing candied bacon with American Sky Brewing Co.’s American Velvet coffee stout provided an amazing fusion of flavors. Knowing Pat Ptacek, manager and event coordinator of Ptacek’s IGA, this fest will please craft beer lovers.  


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