Tallgrass Brewing Co. Announces Full Details on Explorer Series

The official launch of Tallgrass’ Explorer Series begins next month, with Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat the first to hit shelves. With the first release imminent, Tallgrass revealed details for all four beers being released in the series this year.

Tallgrass Bourbon Vanilla

The Bourbon Barrel Buffalo Sweat takes the brewery’s oatmeal cream stout, and ages it in bourbon barrels to “create a rich, complex, medium-bodied beer.” You can expect “chocolate-espresso flavor and aroma, with an oak barrel backbone.” It’s available from September-December.

Big RICC, a Russian imperial stout with coffee and chocolate, is available October-February. The intense coffee-flavored beer won a silver medal in the coffee beer category at the 2014 U.S. Open Beer Championships.

Wooden Rooster, which already hit stores earlier this year, will come out again in October. It’s a Belgian-style Tripel ale—the first in a can—that is aged in rye whiskey barrels. It features a “candy-like sweetness.”

Bourbon Barrel Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat with Cinnamon (a popular winter seasonal at the brewery’s taproom) is the final beer in the series. The brewery ages its Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat in bourbon barrels with cinnamon (added during fermentation). Cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, espresso, and warm bourbon undertones will assault your tongue from November-December.

The Explorer Series will continue into 2016, but Tallgrass hasn’t hinted at what comes next.

Our take: Buffalo Sweat and Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat are already two tasty beers. The Explorer Series versions sound like a more flavor-intense ride, so we’re happy to give them a try. Wooden Rooster is still on store shelves in the Twin Cities at some locations, and Big RICC sounds like a winner for coffee-lovers.


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