Rochester Residents Can Now Enjoy Later Growler Sales

Some laws are great, others are stupid–and sometimes they fall under farce.

Rochester decided that not allowing residents the ability to purchase growlers of beer from local breweries past 8 p.m. didn’t make sense. Residents can now purchase growlers until 10 p.m.

The later time matches the state’s allowance.

Grand Rounds Brewpub was quick to thank LTS Brewing Co.’s Brandon Schulz and Kinney Creek Brewery’s Donovan Seitz for their hard work on the issue via Facebook..

Schulz, referencing how at least one liquor store was against the move, posted his feelings on the matter to Facebook.

“As a consumer, I wouldn’t have proposed the compromise we ended up with, since it strongly favors breweries/brewpubs over liquor stores” he began. “But if the liquor store owners don’t want the business, I’m happy to take it!”

Our take: This is good for local business, in spite of the naysayers at the city council meeting on Wednesday. 

Source: PostBulletin 


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