In Support of Forager’s Impeach Me Beer

Full disclosure: the writer is a former intern at Forager Brewing Co.

Donald Trump is a deplorable human being. If you don’t think so, it is likely you’re screaming fake news.

You scream it every time the media reports on what he says about minorities. You foam at the mouth with the words when people point out how he demeans women.

And now you wish you could label Forager Brewing Co.’s Impeach Me beer, a sour amber ale with peaches, I’ve been told, as fake news — because certainly it’s triggered a vocal minority to froth at the mouth with rage.

Rage. A seething rage met with promises to not spend money at Forager. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not ever. And some of this coming from people who have never been here or live states away.


Anyway. Most people posting their venomous tirades to Facebook are what you’d expect of Facebook. Peep any sound newspaper’s comments section and you’ll see just what I am talking about.

These are the same people who would never set foot in Forager and never have. And if they have set foot in Forager and are now taking a call to arms to boycott the brews there, they’ve been asleep.

I don’t have to go over the many, many, oh so many, things president Trump has done to show that he does not care one iota about American ideals. If you support him because you think you’re a good American, you’re truly lost. The naivety is sickening; the dissonance would be comical were it not for how truly disgraceful it is. And harmful to people such as myself, a brown man, and the many others who are considered just that — others.

Some people are stupid. Even those near and dear to us, seemingly brilliant, can fall for theater, let fear take hold, and convince themselves of actual fake news, false words, and fear mongering.

Forager isn’t about that.

You see, if you did follow the brewery, you’d know that shortly after America went to shit even more than usual, a certain sentence went on the wall of its brew house.

“This machine kills fascists.”

I’m guessing it doesn’t mean it in the literal sense, so calm down.

And if you ever entered the building and looked to your right immediately, you would see that all types of people — gay people, muslims, transgender, and more on the spectrum of life — are welcome.

Because that’s really what this is about.

Your hatred. Your disillusions about the “other.”

Forager’s brew crew doesn’t foster hate. These people care about human beings. They see someone in need or the hate in the world and it enrages them. Like, smash a bottle of Magnus against the wall enraged.

I remember one time I was at Forager early in the morning. I took a day off of work so I could walk over early in the morning to begin a brew day with head brewer Austin Jevne. I live a mile away, so it’s a nice walk. I worked at the local newspaper at the time, so it was nice to not work a 12-hour day and just talk with someone who cared about the world.

It was a nice, warm day that eventually gave way to rain. We drank enough to get chatty about more than beer. We talked about his time in college and how he left it behind. I heard about what his parents thought of his life before opening the brewery. We talked about how this was all just beer, and that there were bigger things at hand. Mainly the fight for justice for minorities in this country.

That stuck with me.


This is just beer. But if you think the people behind it — the real story and meaning behind it all — can’t be political, you’re lying to yourself. Every business is political. Every person behind a business has a political slant.

Just being born is political. What does that mean? I was born to biracial parents. There are certain things in American someone like me can’t escape. Such as being singled out for my last name or choked until passing out on a playground because my father’s skin was too dark. Or simply sitting at a resort bar watching soccer, and listening to a neighbor spout out about half-breeds as he spat mucus out in a rage about brown men playing an “immigrant sport.”


But thankfully, at least for now, you have the ability to express damn near anything you’d like. Maybe one day that will change. Perhaps first the people you hate will lose that right, then the next, then the next, until you too are stripped of your rights after blindly allowing yourself to follow a man that has shown time and again to not care for this county and its values, following a party that doesn’t actually care about you.

But everyone is allowed to vote with their dollars, as the saying goes. But if you voted for president Trump, and then vote to not spend your money at Forager, you’ve made two bad choices.

One’s just beer. But the other one is a condemnation of humanity, and proof of how useless people can prove to be time and time again.

Unfortunately, I won’t make it to Forager Fest to drink an Impeach Me beer. But I stand with Forager and its message of love and acceptance.

Your hate will not win.

As a Mexican American, I thank you, Forager brewing crew.


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