Wisconsin State Fair Brewery Bracket Down to Final Four

The Micro, a craft beer hangout open at and during the Wisconsin State Fair, is hosting its second annual 2015 Wisconsin Brewery Bracket Showdown–and only four breweries remain.

Voters have until July 28 to choose their favorite of the Final 4-Pack, consisting of Lakefront Brewery versus New Glarus, and Hinterland taking on Central Waters. The winner will be specially featured at The Micro, joining over 50 craft beers on tap.

The Wisconsin State Fair takes place August 6-16. Don’t forget to vote.

Our take: It’s a shame New Glarus and Lakefront are grouped against each other. Both breweries make fantastic beer, with Lakefront’s 25th Anniversary Imperial Stout and Russian Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels two of the best stouts¬†ever crafted in Wisconsin. Whoever wins that pairing will be favorites against Hinterland and Central Waters, though they too have a host of great beers and huge followings. If only they could all be winners.¬†


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