First Round of Voting Open for Tin Whiskers Versus Lynlake Brewery Brew-Off

The first round of voting is now open for Tin Whiskers’ second Brew-Off event.

Lynlake Brewery is Tin Whiskers’ opponent this time around (Urban Growler was the first), and the brewery is asking for three ingredients in each vote submission.

About one-third of the 100 items suggested for the first Brew-Off were meat, so Tin Whiskers is asking for non-meat items. So no pepperoni for you, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans.

Tin Whiskers Second Brew-Off

Coconut, mango, and ginger were the winning ingredients in the first event.

You can click here to visit the voting survey page.

Our take: It’s not often that beer fans get the chance to influence what gets made at a local brewery. This is a great way to be a part of a fun event. We’re not sure what to vote for, but Door County cherries are under consideration. [Full disclosure: the writer of this post is an intern at Tin Whiskers].


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