PSA: Today is Final Day to Vote on New Glarus Beer Releases

New Glarus Brewing Co. is about to close the polls to its annual online beer vote–so you should vote for what beer you’d like to drink next year while you can.

Apple Ale, Fat Squirrel (a nut brown ale), Moon Man (a pale ale), Raspberry Tart (a framboise ale), Scream IIPA (the best IPA in the Midwest), Spotted Cow (a farmhouse ale), Staghorn Octoberfest (a Bavarian Octoberfest beer), Totally Naked (an American pale lager), Two Women (a German Pilsener), and Wisconsin Belgian Red (a Door County cherry ale and possibly the best beer ever made) are already scheduled for release next year.

Go here to vote on the five beers you’d like to see next year. You can also vote for three even rarer styles–or suggest your own–to be made at the Beer Suggestion page. Some of the choices available to vote on include a chocolate marshmallow stout, smoked wheat ale, and sour apple saison.

New Glarus Beer Voting

It’s good to vote because some New Glarus beers–like Back 40–may not return¬†to the market for two or more years unless people make their voices heard.

Our take: We voted for four beers we’ve never had, and one we really love and haven’t seen in a while. Our list includes: Bourbon Barrel Bock, Smoke on the Porter, Smoked Rye Bock, Wild Peach, and an old favorite–Imperial Weizen. For beer suggestions we chose Bourbon Barrel Uff-Da, Smoked Wheat Ale, and Very Sour Blackberry.¬†


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