Forager Brewing Says it’s Close to Opening, Rochester Responds Rapturously

OK–we don’t know if Rochester has responded to news of Forager Brewing Co.’s imminent opening with rapturous applause or cheers. But like we wrote in our feature on the brewery and Kutzky Market (the food, coffee, and art market that is also a part of Forager), Forager is going to be something special.

So what’s holding up this awesome spot from opening?

Forager Brewing Beer Labels

Well, the usual: inspections. One doesn’t just simply walk into a building and start slinging beer at patrons.

As Forager says in a blog post on August 14, “There’s a lot of red tape that goes into opening a gastrobrewery that is healthy for the public.”

The brewery also created a unique set of challenges by foraging for items and equipment.

“…they didn’t always work the first time we plugged them in,” the blog admits.

So Forager’s intrepid entourage has been busy ensuring everything does work just right to create a great experience for Rochester residents and visitors.

And last, but definitely not least, the brewery is brewing a ton of beer right now. Beer might taste like a magical potion from the world of Harry Potter, but it takes a little more than a wave of a wand to produce great beer.

The brewery has yet to set an opening date, but we’ll keep you posted.

Our take: It’s better to take the time needed to do something correctly, than to hastily open with some issues. Forager and Kutzky Market are doing something that isn’t even available in the Twin Cities, by combining local business, artists, coffee, and beer together under one roof. It’s going to take time–but it’s going to be worth it. I say this after tasting head brewer Austin Jevne’s Flanders red. It was fantastic, with a subtle fruit and earthy flavor. 

[Forager custom sign created by Isaac Kidder]


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