Dangerous Man Brewing Co. Expansion Continues with Chiller Addition

Popular Northeast Minneapolis brewery Dangerous Man added a chiller system to its brewery today, continuing work on its expansion.


Dangerous Man is in the midst of a $300,000 expansion project. A growler shop will be added to the taproom, and two-thirds of the extra 1,600 square feet will be used for more beer production thanks to the addition of six fermenters.

Friday was a busy day for the brewery. Not only was a new piece of equipment added, but Social Media Breakfast for Minneapolis and St. Paul hosted the Brewing Up Buzz For Beer event at The Freehouse in Minneapolis for people to get an update on the expansion.

Sarah Bonvallet, co-owner and creative director for Dangerous Man,¬†explained at the event that the production increase is to “make sure not to be running out of the styles that many people love.”


The expansion is expected to be completed in September.

Our take: We attended the brewery during opening weekend all the way back in January 2013, and found the taproom to be packed. It took two years for us to go back (thank Indeed Brewing Co.’s wonderful beer and new breweries popping up for that), and found that it wasn’t so packed, and that the beer had gotten much better. If you can’t get MobCraft Beer’s peanut beer, Dangerous Man makes a mean peanut butter porter.


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