Steel Toe Brewing Celebrates Four Years, New Taproom

After four years in the brewing business, Steel Toe has a lot to celebrate.

The brewery recently opened its new taproom and turns four years old on August 19.

Steel Toe Logo

Steel Toe wrote on its Facebook page that it “couldn’t be happier with all the support you’ve shown us over those four years.”

That’s why they’ll have an extra special treat on tap on Wednesday: its Double IPA, Sticker Fight.

Pints of Sticker Fight will be sold for $6, and 750 ml bottles for $8. There will also be pizzas available at 4:30 and 6 p.m.

Our take: Wisminbeer is sad to admit that it hasn’t made it over to Steel Toe yet. For any business to reach the four-year milestone is huge, and we applaud the brewery’s hard work and dedication to its craft and customers. Cheers!


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