Surly Brewing Co. and Dark Clouds Form New Striking Partnership

The Dark Clouds, a Minnesota United F.C. supporters group, has teamed up with Surly Brewing for years. But now they’re taking the shenanigans¬†to a whole other level with the Surly Society.

For $100, you’re mostly helping to support the “DC cause” with a donation. For those who don’t know, the Dark Clouds partake in many community enrichment programs and projects, such as helping to repair soccer nets and paint lines for area soccer clubs.

But those 100 bones also net you a new limited-edition Surly/Dark Clouds scarf, a voucher for another Surly item that is still coming, a ticket to Surly Fest, and access to Surly Society-only events that are being scheduled by the Dark Clouds.

Surly Dark Clouds 2

The Dark Clouds posted more about the relationship with Surly on Facebook:

“Surly Brewing’s been an important partner of ours for years, and they’ve helped the Dark Clouds accomplish a lot of what we consider our most important events.

“Surly’s also been a big part of our celebrations at tailgates, season openers, and year-end shindigs for just as long.”

You can find more info and spend your money here.

Our take: The Dark Clouds and Surly go together like Minnesota and great soccer (quite well, if you don’t know). It’s not a group for everyone, but the Dark Clouds try their best to be welcoming and do good work in the community. This is a win-win if you like soccer, community, and Surly.¬†


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