Indeed’s Sweet Yamma Jamma Receives Redesigned Cans

Local artist Chuck U has created some memorable artwork for Indeed Brewing Co. beer labels in the past, and he’s back with possibly the best one ever–because squirrels.

Take in the glory of Indeed's squirrel.
Take in the glory of Indeed’s squirrel.

Seasonal beer Sweet Yamma Jamma (which is now labeled as Yamma Jamma) will now feature a squirrel wearing a hat as he goes about his business of driving a tractor on what is possibly his farm. No matter: the design is trippy and awesome. Mr. Squirrel can do as he pleases.

Indeed also tweeted photos of what flagships Day Tripper and Dandy Lager look like in 12-packs.

Indeed Packaging

Our take: Sweet Yamma Jamma is the first beer we bought from Indeed Brewing Co., back when it was bottled. I’d buy it in a can with any ol’ design. It’s one of the best seasonal beers you can get in Minnesota when the chilly weather hits. 


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