Insight Brewing Releasing Door County Cherry Saison in Growlers, Names it Doe Eyes

Insight Brewing announced on Facebook that it has rebranded its Door County Cherry Saison for commercial batches, and will start selling it in 750-milliliter growlers beginning August 26.

Just ask for Doe Eyes, the new name of the beer, on your next visit to the brewery.

Insight Door County Cherry Saison Feb 14 2015 Story

If you’re into beer descriptions, Insight’s marketing copy is below:

“I dropped my basket of cherries forthwith and followed her into the woods, utterly enchanted. Playfully she pranced away from me, turning occasionally to bat her long eyelashes, pout her kissy-lips, beckon me with… wait was that a hoof?”

And thus, another legend is born.

Doe Eyes Label

Our take: We ventured forth to Insight for the first time on February 14 of this year just to try the Door County Cherry Saison. We love Door County cherries, so we were immediately hooked. What we tasted was the second best use of cherries in beer (the best use of cherries goes to New Glarus Brewing Co.’s Belgian Red, which might even be the best beer ever made). Being able to take such a fine beer home in a growler to share with friends and family members after raving about it is, simply put, amazing. 


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