Ball Park Cafe Announces Final Minnesota State Fair Beer List

The Ball Park Cafe will have 22 beers from 16 of the state’s breweries on tap this year at the Minnesota State Fair.

While much of the beer can be found on tap or in beer stores around the Twin Cities, there are some rarer brews worth taking note of.

One of those is Bent Brewstillery’s Fest Hop. The homebrewed beer won Best of Show at the state fair in 2014, and the brewstillery brewed it for this year’s fair. It’s billed as a New Zealand Pale Ale with aromas and flavors of white apricot, pine needles, grapefruit marmalade, English biscuits, strong tea, and resinous hops.

And while it’s been at the fair before, Lift Bridge’s Mini-Donut beer–featuring a pint glass topped with cinnamon and sugar–will make a return.

Check out the full list below:

Ball Park Cafe Beer List
Click to enlarge.

The Minnesota State Fair takes place from August 27-September 7.

Our take: Fest Hop is first on our to-drink list as we’ve never had it. Plus, the last winning homebrew Bent brewed was an utterly sour, fantastic apricot Berliner Weisse. But make no mistake–each beer on that list is a fantastic representation of the beer quality in Minnesota. 


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