Oliphant Brewing Celebrating One-Year Anniversary with Special Beer Releases

Somerset, Wis., brewery Oliphant is celebrating its one-year anniversary the best way it knows how to: with special beer releases, free food, and tie-dye shirts. The event is today and begins at 1 p.m.


More information from the brewery is below:

We’ve survived, multiplied, and we’re having a party to celebrate that fact.

1.) Captain Ryeker — a bossed up cmdr. ryeker.

2.) Eleventicles — a h.r. giger wee heavy alien ale.

3.) Plumbob Chamomillionaire — a hipped-out lager with plums and chamomile.

4.) Mary Porter and ‘What’s the Deal with That?’ — rye whiskey barrel-aged gaer bear baltic porter.

Free food: the food is free. Eat the free food. Eat. The. Free. Food.

Tie-dye shirts: A supe-cazj tie-dye sesh. Logos will be screen printed on the shirt in the following weeks.

Commercial shoots: Jeremy hughes, chalk troubadour, will be shooting footage for some kind of video. It’ll be a big old fuck around.

Our take: We’ve yet to make it to Oliphant, but word on the street is they make some good, interesting beer. So if you’re able to make it to western Wisconsin, you should visit for a beer or two. 


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