Grand Rounds Now Selling Crowlers

Rochester’s Grand Rounds brewpub is now selling crowlers (canned versions of growlers, glass jugs of beer) to the public.

Grand Rounds Brewpub Belgian Blonde Crowler

While taking a seat at Grand Rounds and talking to your neighbor is encouraged, there is no shame in stopping by the brewpub to get a 750-ml (26 ounces) can of fresh beer.

The brewpub had been teasing the crowlers for a while on social media, delivering them to different local businesses during a troubleshooting period. Now it’s time for you to stop by and get one.

Our take: Any time you can take a container of fresh beer away from a brewery you like is a win in our book. Plus, it makes it so much easier to share beer with friends and family after raving about a Belgian this, coconut that. Give them beer, not adjectives. 


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