Rumor (Grain) Mill: Steel Toe Brewing Co. Releasing Cans Soon

Steel Toe

According to an anonymous source close to the head brewer of Steel Toe Brewing Co. (and Internet chatter that all but confirms it), the St. Louis Park brewery will release two of its beers in cans soon this summer.

While the source couldn’t confirm which beers will make it into the superior beer packaging, he said it was a safe bet that Size 7 IPA — an IPA considered to be one of the best made in the state — and Provider Ale, a golden ale, will be the first in cans.

Our take: Size 7 IPA is absolutely delectable — and cheap to boot. But being able to have a four- or six-pack to haul around instead of a bomber or two just makes more sense. And while Provider Ale is also a smart beer to can, we’d like to see Steel Toe’s hefeweizen, Sommer Vice, make it in cans to take advantage of Minnesota’s hot summer. 

Photo credit: Steel Toe Brewing Co. 


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