Artwork Now On Forager Labels

Let’s be honest: it’s what’s in the crowler that matters, not what’s on the outside.

But it’s also nice to see that artist Trevor James Sim’s artwork, lovingly adorning Forager Brewing Co’s walls since it opened, will now be stuck to cans of Sherpas Survival Kit beginning next week.

And for those who don’t know, the latest batches of Sherpa are blended with about 15 gallons of barrel-aged Sherpa, giving it a melange of coffee, chocolate, vanilla, toffee, and butterscotch flavors. Great beer, great label. Oh — the label peels off easily, turning it into a bonus sticker.

You’re welcome.

Our take: Like we write above, it’s about what is in the can that counts. However, branding is huge — especially as the number of breweries in the country grows. Sim’s art fits right in with Forager’s style, and sets the brewpub apart from other brand identities. Editor’s note: the writer of this blog interned at Forager for over a year, and is still a somewhat active intern. That said, bias is never allowed (because he learned how to be an actual journalist, and such; Forager just makes great beer and great labels. 


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