PSA: New Glarus Brewing Co. Releasing Two More R&D Beers

New Glarus Brewing Co.–known for its Spotted Cow and Belgian Red beers–is halfway through its 2015 R&D beer release schedule. August 6, 7, and 8 will see Bramble Berry Bourbon Barrel released exclusively at the New Glarus, Wis., brewery.

Aside from featuring killer alliteration, diploma master brewer Dan Carey’s Bramble Berry Bourbon Barrel “is a spontaneously fermented Wild Brown Ale,” from the brewery’s Wild Fruit Cave, according to a New Glarus social media post.

Craft beer fans can “expect a bright blend of forest fruit backed [by] Oaky barrel notes,” and New Glarus also says this is one that fans of aging will want to stick in their cellar. With a limit of two bottles per buyer, New Glarus has perfectly set it up so you can drink one when you get home, and then taste the difference in your second, aged bottle.

There is a limit of two bottles per person per day. Each day has an allotted amount of bottles the brewery will sell, and sales begin no later than 9 a.m. Each 500-ml bottle is $10, which includes tax.

The next, and final R&D release, is on October 8-10. The final style will be announced closer to release.

Our take: Each release in the R&D series, Gueuze, Vintage 2014 and Wild Bitter, has been exceptional this year. The Gueuze was a delightful sour blonde with “citrus and horsey” notes, and Wild Bitter was a sour IPA with a blast of refreshing citrus flavors that began with a hop bite before mellowing out with a sour taste. Driving from the Twin Cities and sleeping in a car on a Friday night in order to get to the brewery at 7 a.m. has been fun. You may wake up sore, but the small-town, friendly vibe carries over to your fellow beer drinkers who camp out early in front of the beautiful brewery (which looks like it was plopped right out of Switzerland). Bring a beer or two to share (anything hyper local will please), try some new ones with new friends, and possibly even meet some brewery workers. Wild Bitter’s release saw brewery founder and president Deb Carey’s daughter walking her new puppy around for people to hold and pet. 


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