Urban Growler Celebrates One Year With Specialty Beer Releases On the Hour, Every Hour

Urban Growler Brewing Co. celebrates one year on Wednesday (August 26)–and it will be something special.

Expect blueberries.
Expect blueberries.

In addition to live music and food specials, the brewery will release specialty beers each hour, including Plow to Pint Lemongrass Wheat, Sticky Rice, and four HayLoft Series porters.

The full list of beer releases is below:

3 p.m. – HayLoft Series™ Coconut Porter and Plow to Pint® Rhubarb Wit.
4 p.m. – Plow to Pint® Lemongrass Wheat.
5 p.m. – Sticky Rice.
6 p.m. – HayLoft Series™ De-Lovely™ Porter made with Fresh Ground Cherries.
7 p.m. – Agave Ale.
8 p.m. – HayLoft Series™ Blueberry Porter, De-Lovely™ Porter brewed with fresh blueberries and infused with Blueberry Fields Tea from TeaSource.
9 p.m. – HayLoft Series™ Red Berry Porter, De-Lovely™ Porter brewed with fresh blueberries and infused with herbal Red Berry Tea from TeaSource.

Our take: While we’re sad the smoked porter isn’t anywhere on the list (it’s one of the best smoked porters we’ve had, and we’re picky drinkers of smoked beer, hailing Alaskan Smoked Porter as the holy grail of the style), there’s a lot of great beer heading your way. It’s also nice to see Lemongrass Wheat make a return after Urban Growler was unable to find the farmer it bought lemongrass from for a while. And as a porter lover… my goodness there is a lot to get excited about. 


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