Bad Weather Brewing Releasing Four Brand-New Beers at Grand Opening

St. Paul will feature another slick brewery taproom when Bad Weather Brewing opens its doors on October 9. To mark the special occasion, the brewery will release four new beers.

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.

The brewery recently served one of its new IPAs at the Autumn Brew Review. You can see the wonderful art for the new beer’s label below (drawn by Bad Weather’s artist, Lucas Gluesenkamp).

Move over, Gandalf. There's a new wizard in town.
Move over, Gandalf. There’s a new wizard in town.

There will be eight beers on tap, housemade sodas, and local food trucks for patrons. You can RSVP for the grand opening, and sing the praise of the brewery, at its Facebook page.

Our take: St. Paul needs more breweries, so we’re happy to see another one–especially since we live so close to the this¬†location. Plus, how sweet is Gluesenkamp’s new artwork for that IPA? A wizard summoning a hop? Destroying and evil, earth-shattering hop? A new Final Fantasy summon? Either way, we love it.¬†


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